Claiming Your Profile

I was recently talking to one of my accountability partners, about her strategy for getting referrals and new clients. During the conversation, I asked which social media platforms and other sites she used for her business. She is in the home decorating industry and knowing that there are different sites that specialize for different industries, I was interested in which platforms she was leveraging. She told me about her profiles on some of the usual sites I would expect for someone in her industry, but she didn’t mention Yelp. I asked her if she owned her Yelp profile. She told me she had heard of Yelp but wasn’t entirely sure what it was.
Jay Bilunas 25-Jan-2017 0 Comments
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Marketing SMART Goals

We all have goals for our businesses or our lives, even if those goals only live in our brains. If I were to ask you right now what are your goals for next year, could you tell me? You might have a few ideas floating around in your head, but nothing concrete. This is why we need to write down our goals. It has been documented that people who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them, compared to those who don’t.
Jay Bilunas 18-Nov-2016 0 Comments
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As a society, we are always striving for better, brighter colors, whether in print or on the screen. No one wants plain old black. Black is associated with lots of negativity: evil, darkness, and fear. But like retailers, we can turn what seems like a bad thing into something positive by looking at it in a different light.
Anne Caristi 01-Jun-2014 0 Comments
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Why Your Business Wants a Website

Every business needs a website. It's how to build awareness of your business and expand your market. Customers expect a website, and not having one will send them to someone who does. A website is your opportunity to spotlight who you are and what your business is all about, anytime and anywhere in the world.
Anne Caristi 23-Mar-2014 0 Comments
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Color Me Creative

Color is much more than just a personal preference. It can reflect emotion or cause an emotive response. It can be used as a symbol of everything from friendship and joy to fear and hatred. Colors are common in familiar expressions such as “green with envy” or “feeling blue.” It is very important for business owners to use color to their advantage when designing a logo and/or website.
Anne Caristi 26-Feb-2014 0 Comments
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Don't Be Lazy When You Copy and Paste

The title of this article sounds a little contradictory. Copying and pasting might seem like a lazy action, but in truth it can be an effective use of you time. Where I run into issue with copy and past is when people are lazy about it.
Jay Bilunas 25-Jan-2013 0 Comments
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Facebook recently implemented a new feature to automatically give you more security while browsing your Facebook account. Sometimes your privacy doesn't seem to be a concern to Facebook, and this is a feature that is long over due. This may be to due to Mark Zuckerberg getting is own account hacked.
Jay Bilunas 02-Feb-2011 0 Comments
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